3 Ways to Win the Season

Written by LeeAnn Hriniak


December 13, 2021

3 Ways to Win the Season

There’s no hiding the fact that most, if not all, disciplines and schedules fly out the window this time of year. While we may want to enjoy ourselves a bit more or simply find ourselves at more gatherings and parties than any other time of the year, it doesn’t mean we can’t keep some solid habits in place.

If you are someone who is generally healthy and active through the year, keeping a few foundations in place can help you avoid the need for an entire revamp in January.

Don’t Set Up For Failure

Let’s be real, you love something about this time of year. While the season gets crazy, there is something about those holiday cookies your neighbor makes, the warmth of that Bailey’s hot cocoa with whip cream, or as the Grinch would say, “the roast beast.”

If you came up with a few other things while you were reading, right now might not be the best time to take on a weight loss program or set a goal of not eating any candy or cookies this year. A huge part of a successful healthy lifestyle is allowing yourself the things you love while still managing the major aspects that made you successful in the first place. That brings us to our next two keys.

Set a Goal to Stay Focused

So while a nix on cookies or hope to drop ten pounds might not be the best idea at this time, it doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a goal to keep you in a spot you can be proud of.

Maybe you’d like to maintain your weight this year for the first time ever. Maybe you’d like to try upping your calories a bit and push it heavier with the weights. Maybe you’ll sign up for a 5k or fitness challenge in January so you’ll have something to prepare for and look forward to.

Maybe it’s something new like these, or maybe it’s even more simple. Think about all of the small behaviors you have or had that made you feel good. You know, the ones that when you added them all up, you had the results you wanted. I’m talking about the basics.

Keep the Basics Locked In 

When the foundation of a house cracks and crumbles, what happens to the entire house? Exactly.

By keeping the basics, you’ll avoid complete reconstruction in January and likely avoid the feeling that the house is broken down.

What are the basics?

  • Water: Not only is it winter where we normally slow down consumption but filling up on other drinks and food begin happening now as well. With these natural causes against you, be sure to measure and keep track of your water intake.

  • Greens: I get it, a salad during the colder months doesn’t seem all that appealing. Get creative, roast up some of your faves or even throw some spinach in that pasta dish. Greens keep things going!

  • Protein: Just like water and greens, when our diet tends to lean in a direction, we have the tendency to back off other things. Keeping your staple amount of protein is key to feeling good, being fueled for powerful workouts, getting good rest, and feeling more full at meals.

  • Steps/Movement: While fitness trackers might not always be the best for caloric output measurements, they are surely helpful to keep track of steps and how many times we got moving. Log your workouts and keep a daily eye on your step counts, ensuring they don’t slowly drop as the days move along.

  • Sleep: Okay, I know we’re all eager to try and get a peek at Santa and the reindeer and we’ll be way past bedtime when the ball drops,  but giving our bodies the needed rest from the crazy day will be real important to the decisions we make the following day!

Seems like a long list on top of all the things you have going on this month. But when you really break it down, they are all pretty small in their own ways.

So while you’re thinking about your goal for the next few weeks, go over this list and see which basics you know you can keep solid. Be sure you take note of where you are now and check back in a few days to measure your success.

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

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