When to Start Your Summer Shred

Written by LeeAnn Hriniak


February 13, 2022

Summer is over 120 days ahead, which is roughly 17 weeks, a little over 4 months. While it seems like such a long time, we likely have the natural tendency to say, “I’ll start cutting (insert a nebulous time 2 or 3 months into the future).”

This is usually followed by the thought of picking up cardio, dropping calories, and eliminating entire food groups to make the cut faster, since now you’re out of time.

Even though the weather is still brisk, there is a huge benefit to begin thinking about summer clothes, events, and how you’d like to look and feel under the sun. Here are three major reasons to not delay changing your fitness behaviors for Summers.

It Takes Longer Than You Think

With so much targeted marketing telling us we can lose “X” pounds in 30 days, we have been primed to think that it is not only possible, but it is also easier that way. Most of us are strapped for time, so hearing a task will only take a small period of time is the ideal situation, right? Unfortunately, this is not the case.

A lot of us have not just an ideal weight but also an ideal body fat percentage or shape we would like to achieve. I’m certain that you’ve realized it is a bit harder and longer of a road than initially thought, so let’s be sure not to fall for this trap again.

If we start now, we have more time to accomplish what we actually want in a healthier way versus rushing the process, working really hard, and still falling short.

Avoid Plateau and Difficult Compliance

I’m sure you’ve also been here before too. You go all in because you only have “X” time and it’s going great, but then you plateau! Progress stops happening and you feel stuck. Or you are so restricted because you ran out of time that you end up binging or falling off.

We’ve all been there and by reflecting on how that didn’t work, starting now can help us avoid both of these unfortunate happenings.

Taking a bit longer of an approach allows wiggle room to actually modify the plan as the body is responding and allow us to trust the process. It also allows for much less restriction and demand on you.

With more time, your caloric cut doesn’t have to be as drastic. This means you’ll have more fuel to make the most of your workouts and likely recover better too! And imagine not having to cut out a food group, having room for a cookie, slice of pizza, or whatever your heart desires. Being able to include these small treats from time to time can keep you going, not only during your cut, but beyond.

Keeping Your Results Through Summer

So imagine, you’re now halfway through Summer and you’ve successfully made it to your goal gradually! July 4th is approaching, you have that other BBQ planned, and you’re so excited for that brunch on the water. Since you’re already in the place you’d like to be, you’ll no longer be in a mindset of cutting (that work is already done!) So, you won’t have to choose or even limit yourself to low calorie options. You’ll be able to enjoy the beer and dog with all the fixings, and if you really did it right, you’ll guilt free enjoy more than just one. All this without reverting right back to where you started before your cut by staying around your maintenance calories.

I hope the entire idea of cutting for Summer just became a bit easier and more exciting. By starting now, you’ll feel more in control and actually enjoy the process and rewards way more.

These three mindsets have helped numerous NexT clients be at their ideal point BEFORE Summer actually starts so they can enjoy the Summer as they envisioned. Now is a great time to sign up for our 3 Months of Nutritional Counseling so we can help personalize the appropriate experience for you. Email us at sales@nextfitclubs.com or call the front desk to get started!

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