Benefits of Hiring a Fitness Coach

Written by Monica Farago


September 14, 2023

As a Fitness Coach myself, I can gladly say there are so many benefits of working with a Coach. No matter who you are or what your background is, you can always learn and improve yourself by consulting a more knowledgeable and experienced Coach. I work with one as well to continue to better myself as a Coach and my overall fitness. Some key reasons to hire a Coach are: consistency, expertise, and progress.


First and foremost, consistency is key! If we follow a 4 day workout program for example, but only do some of the workouts, skip exercises we don’t like, and skip days or weeks at a time, we are not being consistent. Having a Coach in your corner will help you stay accountable by having an appointment to show up for and create a routine to follow.

There have been countless times I told myself I would go to the gym later, but didn’t go. I had no one to answer to aside from myself. With a Coach, you are expected to show up for your appointment regularly at the scheduled day and time. Doing so helps to create your workout routine, and in the long term, your lifestyle.


How does one create a fit lifestyle they will actually stick to? Your Coach will help you find what works for you with their experience and knowledge, or expertise. Fitness Coaches have their reasons why they are passionate about fitness and well being. Finding your “why” will remind you to keep going as you explore new exercises, new styles of training, and new personal records. Your Coach will guide you to reach your fitness goals while doing the types of exercises you actually enjoy or at least, not hate. Overall, your workouts will be more efficient with your time in the gym, more effective at reaching your goals, and maybe even enjoyable. Your Coach is there every step of the way to challenge you in a smart way, while decreasing the risk of injury as you exercise.


As you move forward in your fitness journey, your Coach will keep a record of your weights and sets, videos of your exercises, progress pictures and measurements. It is important to look back once in a while to see how and where you started to keep your motivation high. If your results are improved, you are a lot more likely to continue your fitness journey in a direction that aligns with your current goals or new goals. If your results have very little or no improvement, something needs to change. Your Coach will be able to work with you to incorporate the needed changes in your lifestyle and routine to achieve the goals most important to you.

Everyone can benefit from a Fitness Coach’s perspective and guidance to help you realize your true potential. Whether you are with a Coach short term or long term, you can learn how to make time for your self development by creating a consistent routine that is effective, efficient, and enjoyable for you and your goals. If it sounds like you may need some coaching, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Stop by the front desk to learn more about our training options or reach out to Tony or Jamie by e-mailed

Coach Monica

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