Beat The Winter Blues

Written by Jamie Susino


January 12, 2024

Winter is officially here and the weather has been less than ideal, even for January. Lots of rain in the forecast lately (and a little bit of snow) has a lot of us staying indoors and being antisocial. Getting from January through March can be challenging for a lot of us, myself included. I have a few methods that have boosted my mood during the dark and cold times and have helped those really rough months go by just a little quicker

Get Your Sweat On!

First and foremost, most of you thrive in a gym environment and often know you feel better when you get in a workout! I know I’m preaching to the choir but next time you’re feeling down (and cold!) get those neurotransmitters firing. Not only do we feel better about ourselves but it often gives us a chance to socialize. Call or text a friend for a partner workout or just to walk on the treadmill to catch up. Our Small Group Training crew love to chat and socialize, so get yourself into an SGT class where you can hang (and workout!) with others in the community.


Don’t forget that as a member at NexT Fit Clubs, you get a discount with Thorne supplements! Due to lack of sunlight, many are deficient in Vitamin D during the winter months so a supplement may be a good idea to boost your mood and immune system to help fight against all of the nasty bugs going around! Magnesium can also be very helpful for mood, anxiety, immune support, and especially sleep if you’re having a rough time with it. Other notable supplements you might consider are Vitamin C and Zinc for the immune system and Vitamin B for an energy boost. Login to the Thorne website using the email you registered with Next for your discount!

Get Outside!

Though the days are now getting minutely longer, it’s still dark before we know it. Getting into the sunshine can be an integral part of keeping your circadian rhythm on track! It might be cold on some days, but try to bundle up to get some fresh air when you can. Sometimes I start my day before the sun comes up and by the end of my day, it’s already dark. An outdoor walk for even 5 minutes can boost my mood and help me sleep better at the end of the day. Don’t have time? Consider a light therapy lamp to replicate natural sunlight. Just 5 minutes in the morning can help you feel more awake, keep your mood light, and help you not feel so stuck in this dark season.

Make Plans!

Getting out and doing things you enjoy can be a lot more difficult when it’s cold and gloomy outside! I always know the weeks seem to fly by when I have something to break up the time so I still try to plan out at least one fun thing each weekend. This doesn’t necessarily have to be meeting friends to go axe throwing (though it’s a great winter activity if you’re in the mood so go check out our friends at Stumpy’s in Princeton!) but this could even mean renting that movie that you’ve been looking forward to or picking out a delicious meal to cook with your family. I love using the NY Times cooking app and gathering fresh ingredients on a cold Sunday to make a great meal from scratch. It’s a fun activity followed by a rewarding outcome (10/10 recipes, always a hit!)

If you’re fortunate enough to have the motivation to socialize, I always encourage a comfy game night with your closest friends. Getting dressed up to go to a crowded restaurant can be daunting on the chilliest of days. Instead, consider having your friends over where you can wear your comfy clothes and play some games. You usually end up saving money by staying in, you don’t have to put uncomfortable jeans on, and you get to make memories with your nearest and dearest.

Bonus: if you have the extra spending money and can take some time off work, take a trip somewhere warm smack dab in the middle of the season. It will keep you motivated at the gym, give you something to look forward to, and give you a healthy dose of rest and Vitamin D to get you through the second half of the season!

Self-Care is Cozy!

Have yourself a self-care Sunday (or Saturday! Time is a construct.) Making plans to do anything can be overwhelming and daunting when you’ve got the winter blues. Give yourself permission to do NOTHING by planning a self care day, either solo or with a buddy. This could mean treating yourself to a manicure/pedicure, staying home for a yoga session followed by face masks, or maybe planning a whole day to check out a local spa so you can have yourself a relaxing massage and then hit the sauna. Winter can be time to rejuvenate and implement all those skin care routines you’re too busy to get to during the warmer months. So cozy up in your best blanket, put your feet up, and break out your favorite book or movie to give yourself some well-deserved time off!

As I take a look at my upcoming calendar and my game plan for the coming months, I’m confident I’ll make it through this winter ready for the warm weather and the inevitable busy summer season that comes with it. The weeks are sure to fly by if I keep the above points in mind and try not to get bogged down by the short, dark days. I’ll be spending the rest of my winter in a bit of hibernation so I can rest, recover, and reset my social meter to prepare for a spring and summer full of sunshine and activities.

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