4 Nutritional Mistakes to Catch Early

Written by LeeAnn Hriniak


January 15, 2021

4 Nutritional Mistakes to Catch Early

Every year (…okay, multiple times a year) we set off to shed some unwanted weight that we’ve packed on over “X” amount of time. And each time we set off for this goal, we start off pretty okay! But then, what happens?

We find ourselves not getting results or quitting altogether just to “start” over again. Everyone says “consistency is key” and “all you need to do is (fill in the blank).” We always have good intentions and high motivation and we work really hard at it, but it seems almost inevitable to end up in the cycle again.

So, what have we been missing? What ideas have been leading us astray?

The interesting part of all of this is that the exact ideas that we think will lead us to success are the exact ideas that lead us into a mess. There are butterfly effects to our choices.

Here are 4 very common but not so talked about mistakes that people make.

IDEA #1 – “I love carbs, but I can totally not eat carbs so I can lose weight!”

You don’t need to cut carbs to lose weight. This has been a popular and common idea pushed out in the industry that can lead to results, however, is not necessary to get them.

We always have to remember that compliance is what actually creates consistency and consistency is what leads to long term results. Cutting out or highly limiting an entire macro group (especially when you’re the bread bandit) makes your options limited. This can then lead to you becoming frustrated and throwing in the towel.

How to Catch it

Here’s how to catch that an approach like this isn’t working BEFORE it’s too late to modify:

  • You’re constantly thinking about it (maybe you even dread the idea before you start)

  • You’ve said things like “only x days and then I get to eat ‘normal’ again!” Remember, all of this effort should lead you to a new normal, not just return back to old ways that got you here in the first place.

  • You limit vegetables because you don’t want to use your carb limit on them. Yes, veggies are packed with carbs!

Ultimately, this idea can lead many (of course not all) into a calorically dense carb rampage that halts and even reverses results or maintenance.

Please also keep in mind, carbohydrates are an entire macronutrient, not just bread and pasta. You could cut out processed foods high in carbs and still get that macronutrient from things like lentils, beans, potatoes, and vegetables.

IDEA #2 – Rationalizing your meals out with “It’s not THAT bad!”

The unfortunate truth is that even when you get chicken and veggies, there’s likely to be more calories packed in a meal out at a restaurant than one cooked at home. Oils, butters, and other fats are usually added in cooking methods to make food tastier. A lot of places also make homemade dipping sauces and dressings and well, now your results are up to the magic macro genie.

This isn’t to say that eating out is actually good or bad, but simply bring to light that it’s pretty difficult to accurately track and likely adds up to more calories than you think.

For example, the sweet potato fries you got with your lettuce wrapped burger, you missed 100-200 calories of the oil used when the potatoes were fried. Oops! And the dipping sauce with the mystery macros.

So, maybe next time skip the fries, even though they are sweet potato, or choose to make things at home. An air fryer is a great appliance!

IDEA #3 – “I’m just going to ___ for ___ (time)”

Did you already fill in the blanks? Okay, so you know exactly what we are talking about. Here are the top three we hear:

  1. “I’m just going to not eat for a few hours”

    This one is usually rationalized with running errands or being busy in some fashion. While many are pretty okay until that first meal, this one sneaks up in the late night hours. Yup! Not having breakfast can lead to the body craving more calories later in the day. So while this “tactic” seems to be successful the first half of the day, it has a high chance of ending with, “but I did so good all day.” Sound familiar?

  2. “I’m just going to eat really low calorie for a week” followed by “then i’ll be where I want and can maintain from there.”

    This is simply an expanded version of point number 1. By dropping calories too low, it might seem promising in the beginning, but it will only be a few days before our bio feedback starts to drop and we end up partying hard on the weekend, ending the week with, “but I did so good all week.”

  3. “I’m just going to eat perfectly for a month”

    Similar to the previous two points and idea #1, we have to think of the butterfly effects of our nutritional choices and how we define them. What is “perfect” anyway? Super clean and extreme? All or nothing?

    “Oh man, I totally forgot about that dinner date, and my nephews birthday, oh, and we’re going to an all you can eat buffet at the VIP section of the stadium in two weeks.”

    The idea of perfect can quickly trickle down to quitting and waiting to start another time. To battle this one, lay all of these things out, have a plan around them so you can enjoy them.

IDEA #4 – “I’m not going to take pictures or weigh myself yet, I will later.”

Yeah, we may start off in a place we don’t like, but when we’re a bit down the road it’s nice to see numbers moving and our shape transforming. Without an initial check-in with multiple metrics, we could be getting results we are just not seeing!

We’ve seen it in the past where weight goes up but because we did an InBody Scan, took pictures, and checked in with biomarker feedback, we were able to see how much the body really changed! Especially with a proper weight training program, these are a must to help keep motivation going and make sure the process is working.

All of these ideas come from a place of good intention, high motivation, and lots of effort!

We’ve seen the mistakes made and can catch them ahead of time. Having an experienced coach can save you lots of frustration and help you truly create a lifestyle versus going in and out of dieting extremes.

So get signed up for nutritional counseling sessions with us where during each session, you’ll get scanned, measured, and most importantly equipped. This is where you can truly transform the way you think about fitness.

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