Core Engagement

Written by Cassie Stevens


April 30, 2020

Understanding Core Engagement

Many people associate lower back pain with having a weak core. With core stability comes the understanding on how to control your pelvis and rib cage. Spinal flexion exercises, such as sit ups and crunches are common exercises used to engage your core. To achieve maximum results your entire trunk should be involved which is why planks are recommended as an effective core exercise.

If you are someone that experiences lower back discomfort from doing planks, yes it is partially due to a weak core, however your positioning plays a larger role. If you are still experiencing back pain after you adjusted your positioning correctly we would suggest a regression to this exercise, working your way up to the progression over a period of time.

Many people tend to tilt their pelvis into the wrong position, leading to an anterior pelvic tilt or posterior pelvic tilt. Others may have an extreme curvature in their spines causing their ribs to flare out. When our body is not in proper neutral alignment during exercises or even daily activities such as simply picking up an object it can cause pressure on the discs and create discomfort.

Performing exercises to help engage proper neutral pelvic alignment will help support our spine and strengthen our core. Resulting in less to no lower back pain. Allowing us to see progression.

Well, how do I create core stability?

See video for full details and instructions on each exercise:

1. Band Assisted Dead Bug Hold

This exercise is great to incorporate if you are someone who experiences back pain while lying flat on the floor.

2. Band Assisted Dead Bug

If you are experiencing any discomfort in your lower back while performing the progression of the Dead Bug Hold, check your positioning. If it persists, continue with Dead Bug Hold only.

3. Plank Hold For Time

Beginners can start with 10-15 second holds More advanced 1 minute hold.

Increasing your time as you gain strength without compromising form.

Challenge of the Week:

Performing 3 SETS OF each exercise 3-5x a week. The objective is to gain strength and progress to a more advanced movement and or length of time.

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