What is body recomp?


Not built for the faint of heart, our Body Recomp program was designed to be an intense version of our transformation approach. The goal is in the name: Body Recomposition. That means we will bring the top of our game to help you lean down in fat and gain muscle.

We will challenge you beyond what you’ve done before. This program will demand big changes in your training intensity, a higher compliance rate in nutrition, and a lazer focus to lifestyle habits.

Body Recomp is the all in package for transformation.

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As a Body Recomp client, you’ll be top priority. Your fitness becomes your biggest priority, but you won’t have to do it alone. Not offered with any other program, you’ll get DAILY texting and interactions with your coach to help hold your hand through this intense time and all of the micro decisions that need to be made throughout your day.  Body Recomp is only offered with specific trainers who have the experience and have results to prove it.

What's Included with Body Recomp

Training Introduction

Our training introduction gives you an hour with your coach to assess where you currently are and exactly where you want to go. This helps our trainers build an appropriate, effective, and progressive strategy for your 12-36 weeks.


No need to pay a different fee for membership. We've bundled in your membership fee to the price you are paying per month so you can enjoy the facility any time you are not with your trainer.


After reviewing your goals and developing a strategy with you, your coach will write you indepth advanced program to follow. The number of days you will train, the number of sets, the number of reps, along with proper weight selections will be included. You'll receive a copy of your program along with the ability to edit and log your weights. This will help ensure you are getting better over time and your coach can adjust accordingly.

Training Sessions

Our Body Recomp Program comes ONLY with hour long sessions at a minimum of two sessions with your trainer per week. You'll get individualized attention from your coach to help walk you through your program. Your coach will be there to ensure proper form and execution at the highest level to maximize results.

Nutritional Counseling

Our Body Recomp Package includes a nutrition packet along with an individualized assessment of macronutrients. Your coach will then continue to guide you and alter your numbers based on your results and biofeedback markers on micronutrients, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

Biomarker Feedback

Our bodies are designed to signal to us so we know what is going on and what to do next. During a transformation like body recomp, it's important to not only know these markers but read how they change. Your coach will be able to make strong decisions based on this weekly input.

15 Minute Check Ins

Accountability is key to success. That's why we've included 15 minute check-ins with your coach to ensure everything is on track and answer your questions.

30 Minute InBody Consults

When we said you'd get a lot of support, we meant it. These 30 minute sit downs are conducted every other week to ensure you're performing at top notch and to help you navigate the troubles you will run into!

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