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About our 40 day “try us” pack


If you are looking to kickstart your fitness journey, or just get back on the saddle, our 40 Day “try Us” Pack is perfect for you.Β  Work with an experienced coach who is as invested in your success as you are and is there with you, every single day.Β 

With personal training, nutritional guidance, non-stop accountability, and classes that are as fun as they are challenging, you will love how you feel after 40 Days!

Our goal is to show you what is capable if you utilize all of what NexT has to offer.

what you get with our 40 day "try us" pack:


Training Introduction

Whether you're new to fitness, just getting back to it, or have never experienced training with us, our training introduction gives you an hour with your coach to assess where you currently are and where you want to go. This helps our trainers build an appropriate and effective strategy for your 40 Days.



No need to pay a different fee for membership. We've bundled in your membership fee to the price you are paying per month so you can enjoy the facility any time you are not with your trainer.



After reviewing your goals and developing a strategy with you, your coach will write you a basic program to follow. The number of days you will train, the number of sets, the number of reps, along with proper weight selections will be included. You'll receive a copy of your program along with the ability to edit and log your weights. This will help ensure you are getting better over time and your coach can adjust accordingly.

Training Sessions

Our 40 Day "Try Us" package includes ten 30 minute training sessions. You'll get individualized attention from your coach to help walk you through your program. Your coach will be there to ensure proper form and execution to help jumpstart you towards your goals.

Small Group Training CLasses on the turf

Our Small Group Training classes are one of our members' favorites because they offer a great balance of challenge and fun. In these classes, you'll work with a small group of like-minded individuals to lift weights, build endurance, and improve your overall fitness. You'll also get to learn from multiple trainers and experience a variety of movements.


Nutritional Counseling

Our 40 Day "Try Us" package includes a basic nutrition package to help you make the right choices. Your coach will help guide you in nutrition to support your training sessions and goals.


InBody Scans

Our InBody scanner allows you and your trainer to understand and track the composition of your body. It provides feedback on your water content, muscle mass, body fat percentage and so much more. With our 40 Day "Try Us" pack, you'll get 5 total scans: One during your training introduction, 3 throughout your program, and one during your final fitness assessment.

15 Minute Check Ins

Accountability is key to success. That's why we've included five 15 minute check-ins with your coach to perform an inbody scan and ensure everything is on track.


Final Fitness Assessment

How far did you get in 40 Days? How much did you improve and what is next? All of this is figured out with your coach when you wrap up your 40 days.

Please note: All InBody Scans will need to be done at our Hillsborough Location at 129 Stryker Lane, Hillsborough, NJ 08844

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