We are excited to announce our partnership with THORNE Research. With top of the line standards and processes, we know we can trust THORNE’s supplement line. Perfect for athletes, a lot of THORNE’s options are also NSF approved.

Below are our favorite choices based on our client history and science-backed health recommendations. If you have any questions about what or how to order, please reach out to marketing@nextfitclubs.com.


We know you’re dedicated to your fit lifestyle and we are here to help in every way. On April 3rd, we sent every member an email from our THORNE dispensary. There, you can accept the invitation, create a THORNE account, and enjoy the 15% launch discount. Subscribe to multiple products and receive 20% off. See the dispensary for details.

* Only one offer is valid at checkout. Discount does not apply to product bundles or health tests.

*Under no circumstances does NexT Fit Clubs or Thorne give out or sell any personal information. By receiving an invitation from NexT Fit Club’s Thorne dispensary, you are not added to any mailing list or database. You will need to accept the invitation for any initiation to happen.


21 grams of bioavailable protein with flavors and sweeteners derived from natural sources

Great tasting, high-quality whey protein designed for athletes, aging individuals, and anyone requiring additional support for muscle repair.* NSF Certified for Sport®


Clinically-validated EAA and BCAA formula that support your muscles* and your love for training and weightlifting.

Amino Complex is high in essential amino acids (EAAs), including branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). It promotes muscle mass and enhances energy production.* NSF Certified for Sport®


High-quality creatine for lean muscle mass, endurance, cellular energy, and brain function.*

Promote enhanced muscle performance with the amino acid creatine.* Great for more than just athletes – it also supports cellular energy production and cognitive function to help you perform at your best.*


Get the most out of what you put into every workout with Pre-Workout Elite.*

Optimize focus, strength, output, and recovery with naturally derived ingredients designed to help you perform your best – without unpleasant side effects.* NSF Certified for Sport®


Powdered formula that promotes restful sleep and muscle relaxation*

An ideal formula for active individuals wanting to unwind. Magnesium Bisglycinate is a lightly sweetened powder that is well-tolerated and well-absorbed.* NSF Certified for Sport®


Restores electrolytes that promote performance, endurance, and recovery*

Catalyte is an electrolyte restoration complex that supports endurance and recovery.* The lemon-lime flavor is low in both calories and sugar. NSF Certified for Sport®


A digestive enzyme blend that supports individuals who have indigestion, bloating, or gallbladder removal.*

Advanced Digestive Enzymes promote the digestion and absorption of proteins, fats, and carbs with the combination of HCl, pepsin, pancreatic enzymes, and ox bile.*


A formula high in DHA for optimal brain and nerve support*

Cognitive support for the aging brain.* Contains DHA with EPA to benefit brain and nerve health, cognitive function, positive mood, eye health, and healthy heart and blood vessels.*


A convenient combination of vitamin D and vitamin K for bone, cardiovascular, and immune support.*

Thorne’s Vitamin D + K2 Liquid promotes bone health, healthy immune function, and cardiovascular health.* The combination of vitamin D3 and K2 provides greater benefits together than either does individually.


A comprehensive daily greens powder to support a healthy mind and body, enhance foundational nutrition, and promote healthy aging*

Complement your day with 28 powerhouse ingredients that promote physical endurance, cognitive performance, and cellular energy production, while also providing antioxidants, so you can feel vibrant today and for years to come.*