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About Nutritional Counseling


Nutrition is often the missing link for most people who are looking to change their bodies.
With so many different fad diets and “gurus” promoting detox teas, we have chosen to rely on science and habit change to achieve results for our clients. 

Here at NexT we don’t like to guess when it comes to getting results. Our goal is to provide you with the plan that will get you to your goal, as well as the necessary resources on how to get there. 

3 step processs



We start with an InBody scan which gives us an in depth breakdown of your body composition. We take circumference measurements from various points, as a secondary way of tracking progress. We then take pictures if you are comfortable, as most people get very excited when they can SEE the change for real.


We then go over what you need to change/add/remove from your current routine in order to be successful with this plan and start seeing results. We aim to find changes that can be built upon and will lead to adherence and compliance with the plan. 


From there we are able to give you a specific Calorie and Macronutrient breakdown that will allow you to see results. We teach you how to use these numbers as a guide so you can find sustainability in your eating habits, but still work towards a goal. When you are compliant with the plan we provide, you WILL see results. 

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Nutritional Counseling

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