Joining a health club almost always has a cost, but there’s good news; if you have health insurance, and who doesn’t, you may be able to get a free or greatly reduced membership! Many health insurance companies and employers are catching on that healthy people/employees cost less than unhealthy ones – so they offer club memberships as a benefit.

Whether you already have health insurance or you’re shopping around for the right coverage, make sure you read the summary of benefits. This outlines each health plan’s costs and overall coverage. If you don’t see a gym membership listed as a self-care perk, ask your provider for more information.

You’d be surprised at the broad range of complimentary benefits your insurance or employer may provide these days. In the case of gym memberships, they may foot the whole bill or at least at reduced rates. Check with your health and benefits administrator at the office.

If you’re an older adult, you should look at your Medicare Advantage plan and some Medicare Supplement Insurance plans. Many now include memberships to SilverSneakers or other similar programs as an added perk to beneficiaries. The plus side is that it’s usually free if it’s included in your Medicare plan.

HorizonbFit rewards members for making their health and fitness a priority.

HorizonbFit is Horizon BCBSNJ’s fitness incentive program. After members enroll, they become eligible to receive a $20 reward for every month in which they make at least 12 visits. That’s up to $240 a year in rewards!

With flexible options to support any healthy aging journey, you can exercise at a fitness center, join classes and events from home, and access personalized resources to enhance your well-being. Available through participating Medicare plans.

You might be missing an opportunity to pay less for your gym membership. If your employer, health insurance plan, or other organization is part of our Active&Fit® family, you could pay just $28 a month for your gym membership. Find out if you’re eligible!

The nation’s leading community fitness program designed specifically for seniors, SilverSneakers® promotes greater health engagement and accountability by providing members with regular exercise (strength training, aerobics, flexibility) and social opportunities at up to 22,000 locations nationwide—all at no additional cost to them.

Your employer or health plan partners with Prime Fitness to provide you a free fitness benefit. Enjoy free unlimited access to 10,000+ locations, where you can use equipment and take fitness classes.

Renew Active®. The gold standard in Medicare fitness programs for body and mind. Renew Active is available at no additional cost, exclusively from UnitedHealthcare® Medicare Plans.

One Pass Select empowers members to live their healthiest lives with access to an extensive network of gym locations, online workout classes and grocery delivery services. One Pass is offered through employers.

Offered through your company, Wellhub represents a natural evolution from a “gym pass” to what we already are: an all-in-one corporate wellness platform that offers the best holistic wellbeing partners to the world’s largest corporate community. This rebrand aligns our name with the magnitude of our mission to make every company a wellness company where employees check-in with their wellbeing every day.

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