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Our SGT classes are designed to provide a supportive environment for your workouts while challenging you to take it to the NexT level. Our classes are limited to 10-12 participants, which allows our trainers to provide you personalized attention, keeping you safe and moving. 

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At NexT Fit Clubs, we understand that every individual has unique fitness abilities and goals. That’s why we offer Small Group Training classes that are tailored to multiple fittness levels. Our classes are led by experienced trainers who will provide modifications or advanced techniques to the base class structure. 

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Frequently asked questions: Small group training

Do I need to sign up ahead of time?

Yes! Our spaces for Small Group Training are limited (10-12 capacity, depending on the class) so we really encourage you to sign up ahead of time. Some of these classes book up very fast so you’ll want to make sure you reserve your spot.

Our system allows for online registration for SGT classes up to 4 hours in advance of a class. If you have less than a 4 hour window when you decide to come to class, please call the front desk to ask if there’s space available!

I've registered for a class but can't make it. What's the class cancellation policy?

We have a 9 hour lead time to cancel an SGT class. There may be other folks on the waitlist and the trainer needs to plan for the group so we ask that everyone be considerate by logging into your Membership Portal and cancel ahead of time to keep the quality of the classes high. If you don’t cancel 9 hours before, you can call our front desk during open hours to cancel, but you risk losing your class credit.

Do I need to be in shape to do SGT?

Not at all! Our classes are completely modifiable to all levels of fitness. If you are dealing with an issue or an injury, please show up a few minutes early to speak to the coach and let them know what you’re dealing with. Our coaches can give you modified exercises to help you get the best workout overall that suits you!

What if I miss a class that I've signed up for?

You slept in and missed a class? Bummer. We missed you and we’re sure you missed us. But unfortunately, a No-Show is going to result in the loss of your class credit.

I'm on the waitlist for a class. What does that mean?

We always encourage anyone on the waitlist to show up anyway in case someone cancels. There’s a good chance there’s a spot available or we can squeeze you into class (depending on the workout) so it’s helpful if you’re physically there! Worst case scenario is that we can’t get you into the class, but hey, now you’re at the gym! Get your own workout in or give yourself 30 minutes on a cardio machine to listen to some of your favorite music.

I've run out of class credits. Can I add more?

Yes! If you already have a membership with SGT included but you’d like to add some classes, you can buy a pack of 10 classes for $85, a one time paid in full fee.

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