NexT Fit Clubs turf classes

Everything You Need.

    Everything you want.


ghd hyper, Rogue Deadlift Platforms, Rogue Deadlift Bars, Rogue Colored Bumper Plates, Rogue Monster Rig, Monolift, Safety Arms, Bulgarian Split Squat Pads, Landmine Rig, Pull Up Bars, Dip Station Attachments, and Adjustable Rings

If you are a Powerlifter, CrossFiter, or Olympic lifter, you’re going to love this area of our club. We’ve stacked this space with every piece of equipment you need to train your compound movements.

stacked conditioning turf

Monster Rig attachments, wall balls and targets, concept 2 rowers, Concept 2 ski ergs, rogue echo bikes, sleds, battle ropes, boxes, hex dumbbells, kettlebells, ab mats,  and lebert bars

Enjoy your very necessary conditioning training on our large turf full of all the equipment you need to take your training to the next level.

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Rogue Squat racks bolted to ground, cage, rogue bumper plates, iron plates, Olympic barbells, trapbars, safety squat bar,and a smith machine

Squats deadlifts and so much more can be performed in this area. The racks are adjustable and multiple types of barbells are provided in the storage stand. We are also equipped with a smith machine and cage with adjustable arms.

cable machines


Large life fitness cable machine with 12 stations, mag bar handles, and various neutral and straight bar options 

This multi-station cable machine spans across the middle of the club with double and single cable options for rows, pulldowns and all cable accessory work you may have in your program. 

cable machines

plate loading push & pulls

over a dozen various push and pull plate loaded machines 

Hit all of your favorite chest and back muscles with various angle push and pull machines. The area is full of iron plates ranging from 2.5lbs to 45lbs.  

cable machines

plate loading LEG MACHINES

V-Squat, Leg Press, & Hack Squat Machines

Leg Day? Push challenging weight with guided paths and determined range of motions. This area is stacked with iron plates to create the perfect combination you need.

cable machines

free weight area

iron dumbbells ranging from 5lbs to 150lbs with various benches

Use this area for simple and effective training. Benches are free to move anywhere in the club. We have everything from a seated to a decline position so you can hit the perfect angle.

cable machines

pin loaded accessory machines

Multigrip row, Bicep/tricep, two leg extension, chest press, seated hamstring curl, seated calf raise, glute kickback, laying hack squat, standing calf raise, cruch, abductor/adductor, lying hamstring curl, and erector extension machines

We’ve got everything you need to hit your accessory work.¬†¬†

cable machines

Cardio deck

steppers, treadmills, ellipticals, & bikes

Choose to be up on the deck or down on the ground floor to take on your cardio necessities. 

cable machines


45 degree back extension, plate loaded core machines, mats, balls, and bands

Use our small studio to complete all your needed core work.

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group fitness studio

large full-length mirrors, shock-absorbing floor, balls, mats, bands, dumbbells, standing punching bags, jump ropes, and so much more

Our group fitness classes are held here in our large studio. All members are welcome to use the studio when it is vacant. We also rent this space out to groups such as dance teams who need a place to practice. Please reach out to info@nextfitclubs.com for more info.

spin classes at next fit clubs in hillsborough nj 08844

SPIN studio

studio bikes, dimmed lights, color changing LED lights that bounce to the music

Our energetic spin classes are held here. All members are welcome to use the studio and bikes when it is vacant.

cable machines

child care

tables, play bins, tool set, kitchen set, train table, lego tables, and a staff that loves kids

Your child will enjoy their time with our NexT childcare staff that provides activities and entertainment in multiple ways while you train.